INC Conference – International Leaders

 June 21, 2018

The 2018 INC Conference will have the most number of nations represented that we have ever had at an INC conference. Leaders from Oceania, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia will be represented.

A number of Australian churches have generously supported the International Leaders coming to conference. We interviewed Pastors Bruce and Terri Connell from King’s Church Kununurra who have supported leaders from North Africa.

“We’re really happy about our international leaders coming to Conference. It gets the vision out that we are INC, we are International, and we are part of something bigger,” Bruce said.

“Having the international leaders there is about togetherness. It shows the bigger picture, and for the international leaders it gives them a sense that they are a part of the whole picture too,” Terri added.

Bruce and Terri regularly travel to North Africa. They have spoken at conferences, been involved in the INC churches there, built great relationships with the people, and have seen firsthand all God is doing through INC in the region.

“INC has always been a pioneering movement, going out into new places, into new nations, and breaking new ground,” Terri said.

“Being over there with the church leaders, we’ve been able to get a sense of what it means for them to spearhead into the nations over there,” she said.

“They have such an anointing on their lives and they are so passionate about their vision” Bruce added.

“[The leaders from Africa] oversee a region with 450 million people. They have a vision to see those people won for Jesus.”

Bruce and Terri said that through their relationship with the leaders from Africa and their involvement oversees, they have been renewed and inspired in the mission of their church in the Kimberley.

“We get so inspired just being around them. When you’re around it, you catch it,” Terri said.

“I am inspired by the great lengths they go to evangelise. [In some areas], if you evangelise in the streets you could be shot or sent to jail. They put their lives on the line,” she said.

“We’re in the Kimberley, one of the most remote places in Australia, and sometimes you can think “God what am I doing here?” Then you connect with people like [the leaders from Africa] and it shows you the bigger picture. Even in the most isolated and remote places, God has a plan,” Bruce added.

Bruce and Terri said they look forward to the opportunity for INC pastors and leaders around the world to gather together and connect at conference.

“We’re really excited about the international leaders connecting with other Australian pastors. Conference is our chance to connect and reconnect with other INC pastors and leaders,” Terri said.

“We’ve been coming to INC Conferences for 20 plus years. Getting back together is reconnecting with the family and meeting up like old friends,” Bruce added.

“We always try to bring our leaders with us so they get a sense that we are all connected to something bigger,” he said.

Bruce and Terri believe what makes INC unique is the sense of connection that is not limited by geography.

“We’ve been to quite a few other nations and wherever we go there is usually an INC church there. They’re like family,” Bruce said.

“It’s an amazing thing God has done in our lifetime: connecting up the world with INC churches, even some of the most remote, isolated places,” he said.

Pastors Terri & Bruce Connell.

INC would like to thank the following churches for supporting our international leaders to join us at our 2018 INC Conference:

  • Bribie Island Christian Outreach Centre
  • Citicoast Church
  • Citilife Church
  • Dalby Christian Outreach Centre
  • Elevation Church
  • Gloucester Christian Outreach Centre
  • Heart Church Roma
  • King’s Church Kununurra
  • Lifeforce Adelaide North East
  • Macleay Coast Christian Outreach Centre
  • Mount Isa Christian Outreach Centre
  • New Life City Church
  • One Life Church
  • River City Church
  • Seacoast Church
  • Westgate Church
  • Whitsunday Impact Church

*Names and countries of the international leaders have been omitted from this article.